Quintessence Publishing works together with manufacturers and suppliers (partners) in an effort to help dentists discover new treatment concepts. Furthermore, background information about new products (eg, accuracy and performance) as well as reviews about guidelines for their use are provided. With the help of manufacturers and suppliers, selected content is provided free of charge to the dental community. 

Henry Schein Dental is the first Quintessence partner to leverage this opportunity to offer dentists insight into new methods and treatment concepts on their partner page (https://www.quintessence-partner.com/henry-schein). 

Quintessence Publishing’s Commitment to Quality

Quintessence Publishing is known to have the best authors for books and journal articles. The quality of images in our publications has been setting standards for many years. By providing the same quality in all our works, readers can reliably compare clinical photographs. Most Quintessence Publishing research articles and case reports are blinded and peer-reviewed so that dental practitioners can rely on the quality and independence of the results.  

There is no Treatment Without Products

Whether it’s a case report, clinical investigation, or scientific study, products and equipment always play an important role. One of the most frequently asked questions among participants at professional meetings and conferences is: “Do you know which material was used for that?”
Peer-reviewed high-quality content from Quintessence Publishing documents how products are used by independent and well-known scientists and clinicians for the well-being of patients.
Dental practitioners may:

  • Learn the handling of products and equipment in a clinical context
  • Gain trust in a product if well-known experts use it in their treatments
  • Learn more about the range of indications for a given product
  • Learn which products are used and in what order to achieve an optimal result

Dental practitioners who are interested in learning a new method or who want to imitate a treatment concept will find a list of the materials used in the article or comparable materials available in the upper right corner of each article.

Industry Content 

Besides scientific and clinical content from Quintessence Publishing, interested readers have the chance to learn about the product portfolio of manufacturers and suppliers on  Quintessence-Partner.com. Readers can always tell whether the content is independent scientific and clinical content from Quintessence Publishing or provided by industry partners.

Increased Transparency

The close connection between science, clinic, and industry is known and discussed by many. Above all, Quintessence Publishing strives to contribute to transparency in the relationship between science and industry. In working together with manufacturers and suppliers, we are open to suggestions to further increase this transparency.  

Quintessence Publishing Germany, April 2019