X-Mind Trium provides exceptional image quality with 75 μm voxel resolution for applications such as dental implant planning and endodontic diagnoses. Trium is fully upgradable from a 2D panoramic X-Ray to 3D, and a Cephalometric arm can be added so the device can grow with a practice.

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Review of cone beam computed tomography guidelines in North America
Irene H. Kim, DMD, MPH/Steven R. Singer, DDS/Mel Mupparapu, DMD, MDS
Quintessence Int 50 (2019), Nr. 2, Page 136-145, doi:10.3290/j.qi.a41332


ACTEON® presents its new X-Mind® Trium panoramic dental unit which can be upgraded to 3D (CBCT) and/or cephalometry. It has a full range of medium FOV sizes to facilitate 2D and 3D examinations. This CBCT is the perfect tool for:

  • implant surgery
  • endodontics
  • orthodontics
  • periodontal treatment
  • general dentistry
  • ENT

I am demanding. Trium is the only device that combines all the best image qualities in one package. The smallest voxel size available on the market (75 µm), combined with in-house innovative metal artefact filter STAR™ enable easier and more reliable diagnosis. Trium has 4 FOV sizes ranging from 40×40 mm to 110×80 mm to minimise exposure in the relevant area. The FOVs do not come from a stitching technique.


I am seeking 3D innovation in endodontics Endodontic diagnostic will largely benefit from Trium’s excellent image quality. This is obtained by combining the use of the small FOVs (40×40 or 60×60 mm), STAR metal artefact reduction filter and high definition acquisition (75 µm).

I demand cephalometry. Due to its patented mechanism, the secondary collimation does not need to be on the cephalometric arm. The patient can therefore be positioned on the cephalometric module more easily and quickly. Furthermore, this means the arm can be shorter, making the Trium one of the smallest footprints for a cephalometric device.

I want minimum exposure for my patients. Trium uses 1,5 to 12 times less radiation than a medical scanner and reduces the necessary dose by 30% compared to other cone beams. This makes it one of the most suitable for ALARA principle devices. Trium allows you to work more efficiently. All movements of Trium benefit from its advanced kinetics. Silent micro-step motors make acquisitions quieter and more precise than ever.

I want no limitations. Developed to provide the optimum level of image quality for superior diagnosis at a minimal dose, Trium is your ideal work companion. From an individual to a multi-user environment, Trium adapts itself to the developments of your clinic and to the specialities of each practitioner.

I like simple software. ACTEON® Imaging Suite (AIS) is simple to use and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. Its clear design means it can be linked to most of the Patient Management Systems on the market. The import/export of DICOM 3 and STL enable full compatibility with CAD/CAM systems or external implant planning software.

Tube Type High frequency DC generator
Total Filtration 2.8 mmAl / 85 kV 7.0 mmAl / 90 kV 2.8 mmAl / 85 kV
Operation Mode Continuous Pulsed Continuous
Tube Voltage 60 – 85 kVp 90 kVp 60 – 85 kVp
Anodic Current 4 – 10 mA 4 – 12 mA 4 – 10 mA
Focal Point 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Type CMOS Flat Panel CMOS CMOS
FOV and Format 260 x 148 mm ø 40 x 40 mm, ø 60 x 60 mm, ø 80 x 80 mm,

ø 110 x 80 mm

200 x 220 mm, 200 x 180 mm,

240 x 220 mm, 240 x 180 mm

Pixel Size / Voxel Size Pixel: 100 μm Voxel: 75 μm Pixel: 100 μm
Technique 180° single scan 360° single scan 180° single scan
Exposure Time 16.8 seconds 4 – 12 seconds 9 seconds
Scanning Time 16.8 sec – 25 seconds 18 – 27 seconds 14 seconds
Programs Standard, child, improved orthogonality panoramic, bitewings, maxillary sinus, TMJ Semi-arch, arch, full arch, sinus, ear Frontal PA, Frontal AP, option: Carpus
Reconstruction Time 3 seconds 29 seconds 4 seconds
Max Footprint Dimensions L 150 x W 110 cm L 150 x W 172 cm
Height Max: 235 cm
Weight 170 kg (PAN) 185 kg (PAN-CBCT) 215 kg (PAN-CEPH)
Class and Type Class I, Type B
WORKSTATION (included with CBCT)
CPU Intel Xeon 2 GHz
Hard Disk 1 TB
Graphic Processor NVIDIA (CUDA environment GPU family)
RAM Memory 8 GB
Network Card Dedicated GB NIC for X-Mind trium connection
Operating System Windows 7 professional 64 bits