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It’s important to evaluate all the major considerations for you and your practice before deciding on a digital impressioning scanner. This article reviews the top 10 considerations to make when choosing an intraoral scanner.

Choosing an intraoral scanner is like picking out the right pair of running shoes – you look for a pair that matches your style of running and then try them on to see if they’re the best fit. It’s the same with intraoral scanners – you need to find the best fit and support for your needs. The difference? These ‘shoes’ can cost up to $50,000.

So, we asked Henry Schein Dental’s Product Category Manager for Digital Restorations, Tyler Steck, to walk you through the top 10 considerations when choosing an intraoral scanner.

Manufacturer of Intraoral Scanner

Research products from all the major manufacturers: How long has each scanner been around? How often …

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