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Dentsply Sirona created the bulk fill flowable category in 2009 with SureFil® SDR® flow material. The next generation, SureFil SDR flow+, extended its lead over the competition even further by enhancing its formula to allow use in an expanded range of indications while also offering greater wear resistance, and increased radiopacity. Now the leader in bulk fill flowables keeps its well-proven performance, but with a streamlined new name: SDR flow+.

New Name. Same Untouchable Performance.

Though the name has been updated, SDR flow+ material still offers the same proven high-performance formula. You can count on all the same benefits that made the original the leader among bulk fill flowables:

  • Self leveling: SDR flow+ material quickly self-levels with no further manipulation required, simplifying the placement of restorations even on maxillary posterior teeth.
  • Excellent cavity adaptation: The material fills and adapts to the cavity, flowing deeply into crevices to provide excellent marginal integrity.
  • Bulk fill: SDR flow+ material allows you to bulk fill up to 4mm with minimal shrinkage stress, streamlining your procedure and saving you up to 40 percent in placement time. And unlike competing composites, SDR flow+ material retains exceptional bond strength when bulk-filled into cavities, similar to the strength it exhibits when bonded to a flat dentin surface under ideal laboratory conditions.1
  • SDR flow+ material offers higher wear resistance and increased radiopacity compared to the original formulation. It offers A1, A2 and A3 shades in addition to the original universal shade. It provides the same improved versatility as well, including approval for Class III and V restorations. From core build up, pit and fissure, to conservative Class I restorations, its adaptability sets it apart.

Based on the unmatched properties of SDR™ bulk fill technology

With more than 50 million applications1 and excellent performance in 5- and 6-year clinical studies23, the SDR technology found in SDR flow+ material make it the world’s most researched and clinically proven bulk fill flowable.
Dentists can bulk fill up to 4mm deep to perform faster, easier Class I and II procedures without affecting the durability and longevity of the restoration. The handling properties of SDR flow+ bulk fill flowable also make it ideal for several other indications including treatment of conservative Class I restoratives, pit and fissure sealing, post-endodontic restorations and even core build-up.

Excellence with Clinical Proof

The most researched and clinically proven bulk fill composite, SDR flow+ material is the “gold standard” for bulk-fill composite materials. More than 84,000 dentists worldwide have tried it, placing more than 50 million restorations1 – a testament to its broad acceptance in the dental community.

A 5 year follow-up study completed by JWV van Dijken and U Pallesen compared 92 Class I and Class II restorations using SDR material bulk-fill technique against 91 restorations using the layering technique. Both restorative techniques showed good surface, marginal stability and color stability, no statistically different annual failure rates and no post-operative sensitivity.2

In another study at the 6-year follow-up, the investigators compared 49 Class I and Class II restorations using SDR material bulk-fill technique against the same number of restorations using the layering technique. They concluded that the bulk fill technique was clinically safe, highly acceptable durability, and failure rate was equivalent in both groups (3 failures out of 49).3

J. Burgess and C Munoz completed a 36-month trial and found no failures attributable to SDR material, no post-operative sensitivities and no adverse effects on gingiva in contact with SDR material.4

A complete product portfolio optimized for efficiency and predictable results

When used with the Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system, Prime&Bond elect® universal adhesive, TPH Spectra® ST universal composite restorative and Enhance® finishers, SDR flow+ material is part of a complete procedural solution for Class II restorations. Dentsply Sirona has optimized these products to provide confident and controlled results at each step of the Class II procedure, from accurate contact creation to esthetic shade matching.

One of the most crucial factors for successful Class II restorations is ensuring marginal integrity. SDR flow+ material provides excellent cavity adaptation, even in the deepest corners of the proximal box. It self-levels, with no further manipulation required, to provide an optimum base for the final occlusal layer and simplify placement even on maxillary posterior teeth. And the unique SDR chemistry provides significantly lower polymerization stress compared to universal composites – including other bulk fill materials – allowing layers up to 4mm thick even in high C-factor cavities.

The name may have changed, but its dominance remains. SDR flow+ material continues to offer unmatched benefits that set it apart from any other bulk fill flowable composite.

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